The Greeting Card Project

The RAR(Castlemaine) Creative Arts table has gotten on board the Greeting Card Project and created birthday cards for Mr. Dutton expressing concern over children in detention.

"The Greeting Card Project 18th November. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dutton
Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, was born 18/11/1970 - so he has a birthday coming up. 

The Melbourne Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children had the wonderful idea of all their members sending Mr. Dutton a Happy Birthday card. 

Let’s all get on board with this idea. 

Include a polite message: 

§ Remind him, on his birthday, that the children on Nauru have had too many birthdays detained there. #BringThemHere

§ Address the envelope to: 

Hon. Peter Dutton, 
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, 
PO Box 6022, Parliament House, Canberra 2600

§ Write a respectful greeting

§ Include a reminder that you have not forgotten the Nauru children who have nothing to celebrate on their birthdays. 

§ Include the #BringThemHere hashtag 

§ Sign it. 

§ Post the card just before 13/11 … allowing for snail mail delivery time! 

For the cost of a (discount value) card and $1 stamp, this represents an affordable collective action in which we can all can participate (no meetings required!), all share the cost (under $3 each), all share the effort (5-10mins of time) AND make the processing of so many cards through the Parliament House postal delivery system hard to ignore. 

As Minister Dutton’s birthday falls on a non-sitting day, you might also send a second card to his electoral address: 

§ The Honourable Peter Dutton
Member for Dickson
PO Box 2012
Strathpine, Queensland 4500 

If you would like to follow up with a phone call to ensure he has remembered the children from Nauru on his birthday, the phone number is Phone: (07) 3205 9977" (text from RAR Castlamaine email)